Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Once upon a Time

Sunday thirteen year old Wei Wei Hu got kidnapped and sexually abused by a 37 year old male who was on prohibation from the clinic he was treated for kidnapping and rape. Again and again you hear those shocking facts. Today an 18 year old murderer got only 7 years of prison for murdering sixteen year old Maya. The words of the judge, he will have life long for the knowledge of killing a person. Excuse me?
He should have thought about that before he and his friends choked that girl.

Lately our society is getting worse and worse. Maroccan boys playing football with wreaches on the day we remember the fallen in World War II. Shocking? Yes. Teachers get murdered, taxi drivers get murdered, not a day passes or another shocking fact overwelms our society. Of course we dutch are politically correct. We belong to the four countries in the world where human rights are not violated, we share that honor with Cyprus (rather amazing considering the greek/turkish division), Danmark and Luxemburg.

A week or two ago, death penalty was given somewhere in the United States to a person with paranoid schizofrenia. There was a time when I would protest, now I feel maybe they are right. No I know there are persons who are really ill and you cannot really blame them for their deeds, but for crying out loud, lock them up for ever, don't let those individuals who are a danger for society, who will kill, who will abuse walk around free. Wei Wei Hu was a victim and it shouldn't have happened if we would understand that some people can't be cured.

Morally our society is in debt. We have more money, more stuff, we are all well fed and yet there seems to be a deep deep despair that is taking over society. People have no values and virtues any more. We all have a choice. We can live for ourselves, which is the reason of this outbreak of immorality, or we can chose to live our life to make other lives better. Something is wrong in our society and it looks like it's getting worse and worse.

to be continued